About Us

Hello Guys!

My name is Carson and I am the sole owner/operator of Shaka Snow Co. I am born and raised in the western suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I have always had a passion for any sports but I am a keen snowboarder. I first started this business in 2017 with the plan to just sell a handful of items to close friends and family with some unique and interesting designs. Over the last few years I have watched Shaka Snow Co organically grow to where it is today and I am excited about what the future holds for my business.

I would like to tell you there's some crazy interesting story behind how the idea for Shaka Snow Co came to fruition but its pretty boring.. Over many years I would see people post photos online of their days snowboarding and they would always throw a Shaka in their pics. This hand gesture historically has been typically a surfing hand symbol but I felt that this was being under represented in snow culture. This gave me an idea and I thought there's clearly a niche market here because over time I would see more and more people throwing Shakas.

- Anybody can throw a Shaka.

- You throw a Shaka when you're happy.

- The Shaka is widely known as hang loose which is considered a gesture of friendly intent.

Its these above facts that form the pillars of how we want to operate our business. We love snow culture and we want to share the stoke!